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At Phoenix Pool Builders, we have installed so many pools I think we may have lost count. With all seriousness, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done right for you the first time around. With having installed over 1,000 pools in the last couple years alone, our team of Phoenix pool contractors are committed to one services only: Pool Installation. What separates our pool installation from the other pool companies in Phoenix, is our attention to detail. We can help you pick exactly what you want and incorporate properly with the color scheme, look, shape and feel of your home. Nothing is worse than doing work on your home only to be disappointed with the outcome because the overall picture is not what you want. With our expert custom pool designing services, we guarantee you are going to get exactly what you want the first time around!

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Inground Swimming Pool Installation in Phoenix Metro Area

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We service all of the Phoenix Metro area with the best swimming pool installation services you can find. Just check out all of our 5 star reviews to see why we are the pool company to use when you are ready for a new pool installation in your house. We get asked the same question quite often: How long does pool installation in Phoenix Arizona actually take? When am I really going to get to enjoy my new pool!?

There are many factors that go into the equation here, including pool design and planning, what type of pool you want to be installed, and whether you have a residential property or commercial property. The good news is this: when you reach out to Phoenix Pool Builders for new swimming pool installation, we are ready to get right on the job! We can come out and see you typically within 48 hours to begin the process of design and understand what kind of pool installation you are looking for. We can then put together a proposal for a plan of attack and have a rough estimate of how long everything will take back to you within a day or so. Our team prides itself on top notch customer service. So we do everything we can to get your new pool installation estimate back to you as quick as possible.

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Something that most people don’t realize when looking for a pool contractor is that there is a large number of contractors out there that could promise you the ability to complete the task but may not be experienced enough to actually do it properly. That means that many of these contractors are hungry for work and are willing to do anything to land the job. That doesn’t mean that they won’t work hard, but would you be willing to let them build you a poll if they have never done so before? What if they are not properly certified? These are very important questions to think about, especially when so many people are willing to do the job for you.

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Another area of concern for building a pool is that it is easy to get overcharged by the larger, more corporate, contractor businesses. If you want to get a high quality pool builder in Phoenix, you definitely have to do some searching around. If you don’t, you may end up paying way too much! Our process of selecting pool installation contractors is very thorough and we have been revising it constantly to be able to provide you with the best pool builders in Phoenix so that you can start enjoying a pool from the comfort of your own home. If you think that you could use a proper pool builder to construct the pool of your dreams, then there really is no better spot than our site.

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Our research in the field has shown us the wide range of quality that can come out of hiring a pool builder. We noticed this discrepancy because we were looking for more ways to add value to our customers. We concluded with the finding that if you want a high quality pool installation in Phoenix, you should probably do a whole lot of research into the team of pool building contractors that are promising you a quality pool installation. Those who choose our site to go to for all their pool building needs can enjoy the easy and stress free process that we have created so that you can have your pool built for you in no time. It is fine if you have a busy schedule. We understand that many of those who will do business with us have a full time job that they are working on while we our out building pools. We make it easy for you to pick a good time for us to come by and do our inspection. Even if you can not be there, we always communicate well so that you can understand how long the project will take, and how much you could expect it to cost. We found that our customers think it is very easy to choose the pool of their dreams with our help.

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