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We’re one of the top pool service companies you could come across, and we’re ready to get to work! We offer our clients many different pool-related services. Phoenix Pool Builders should be your one stop shop for pool services in Glendale, AZ! The services we provide include pool installation, pool design, pool remodeling, pool decks, pool resurfacing, pool lighting and more. We want to be a company that you know you can trust to do right by your pool. Our expert pool contractors in Maricopa County are motivated – they want to make your pool the one of your dreams! Phoenix Pools will make the pool you’ve been wanting an actual reality!

best rated pool installation in Phoenix Arizona
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Inground Swimming Pool Installation in Phoenix Metro Area

best pool installation services in Phoenix Arizona

Top Pool Installation Glendale

Our pool service company has a lot of experience. In fact, we’ve installed hundreds of pools in our time! We’ve made many a happy client, and we’re excited for you to be one of them! Our attention to the small things is what really propels our business to another level. A lot of times the important factors of a quality pool installation in Glendale, Arizona lie in the small details. Those details are what we pay attention to in order to execute properly. Every aspect of your pool installation is important to us, and we want to make your next pool the best one you’ve ever had! Your pool should match and complement the rest of your outdoor space – our experts will make this happen!

Pool Design in Glendale, AZ

Maybe the only thing left on your list for making your place awesome is a custom pool. Sure, you can imagine the look well enough, but getting there? Those be stormy waters… unless you’re working with the pool design experts of Glendale! That’s us! One of our specialties is designing and executing stunning custom pools for our clients. These pools are truly of a professional caliber, and it’s very possible to have the look and quality of a resort pool right in your own backyard. Get ready to be the main spot of the neighborhood pool parties – everyone will want to take a dip in your custom pool!

Pool Lighting Glendale, Arizona

Pool lights really make a difference in the atmosphere of your pool area. Pool lights that have been smartly placed can make your pool look like a haven come nighttime. Plus, proper lighting is essential to enjoying a pool once the natural light fades. Pool lighting in Glendale is a cinch for us  - we’ll install underwater lights, as well as surrounding pool lights that will give your pool area an inviting atmosphere.

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Expert Pool Remodeling near Glendale

Exterior surfaces can wear down over time. Maybe your pool once looked great, but now you can’t stand it., It’s also possible that you just don’t like the look of the pool that came with your property. Whatever the case may be, our pool remodeling experts in Glendale, AZ can make your pool new once again! Don’t just sit around and accept a pool you dislike – trust our team of professionals to remodel your pool into the one you see in your imaginations! Pool remodeling in Maricopa County may not be as costly as you think. The largest expense when it concerns a pool is the initial installation, so you may find that the actual remodeling is surprisingly affordable.


Pool Deck Resurfacing in Glendale, AZ

When chilling by the pool, swimming in the water is only half of the fun. Spending time on the deck is a big part of enjoying the pool. The water can be great, but a mediocre deck can really take away from the overall effect your pool makes. Those beautiful pool decks in Glendale, Arizona that adorn resorts, the same beauty can be yours! Residential pool decks in Glendale is one of our specialties. In fact, we build those resort pools you find so stunning – commercial pool decks in Maricopa County is one of our services as well!

Affordable Pool Resurfacing Services in Glendale, AZ

Finding a good pool company can be really rough. Searching up ‘pool company near me’ yields a whole bunch of results. How could you possibly know the difference between companies that will do the job right and companies that just say they will? Fortunately, if you’re reading this you’ve already hit the jackpot. Phoenix Pool Builders will deliver high-quality pool resurfacing in Glendale, AZ. We’ll take care of any cracks and leaks that your pool has developed due to improper installation. We’ll make your pool good as new so you can go back to enjoying it!

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