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At Phoenix Pool Builders we offer affordable high quality solutions to any and all of your Home or Commercial Pool & Spa needs. Our team is dedicated to giving you only the best service possible and ensuring that your pool is in tip top shape! (Especially in those EXTRA hot summer months.) From expert pool design services to pool installation, our swimming pool contractors can get your home fitted with a new swimming pool to enjoy!

Let our expert pool & spa contractors help you design your perfect pool, restore that pool that is long overdue, or even remodel your pool deck and bring the backyard back to life.

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best rated pool installation in Phoenix Arizona

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Pool Design in Phoenix

When beginning a pool design in Phoenix Arizona, the first questions we always ask is to describe how it will ideally feel and look, once you are sitting in your brand new backyard. We do this because delivering a custom pool to a satisfied client is our #1 goal! You know if you want a beautiful infinity pool flowing over the edge into the ocean, or a large rock structure with a waterfall flowing off. Our expert Pool Remodeling contractors are here to deliver that dream, on time and on budget!

We offer state of the art pool design. Whether you are looking to build a new pool and deck for a complete backyard makeover, or simply looking to change up the tiling and mosaics on your current pool, our team of highly skilled pool designers will make your wildest backyard dreams come to life before your eyes!


Our swimming pool design team has created thousands of unique pool installations for phoenix home owners. Call today for a free quote from the top swimming pool contractors in Phoenix Arizona! We offer pool installation in Maricopa County and stand by our jobs 100%! Call today!

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Why Choose Phoenix Pool Builders?

  • Service Guarantee - We love all of your customers and we promise to provide only the highest level of service. Our guarantee is that you will love our service so much you will be ready to leave us a 5 Star Review AND refer all of your friends & Family. If you are not completely satisfied, call us immediately.
  • Education - Did you go to school for your job? Well our team has all passed our tests to become part of the team. This is not a rookie operation. We only higher a well educated sales and installation team to make sure every job is done right for our customers! Our pool design expert & pool contractors have been carefully vetted to ensure only the highest level of service!
  • Local Knowledge - We have the expertise and knowledge of Phoenix, Arizona to make pulling a permit a breeze to get our job underway quickly, and your beautiful backyard finished sooner! We take care of all the Phoenix Pool Permit applications and headaches so you don't have to!
  • Local Reputation - Simply put, our local reputation is stellar, and we strive to ONLY have our clients leave 5 star reviews because they are truly satisfied with our Pool Design, remodel, and installation services.

We strive to be the best pool installation company in Phoenix Arizona by continually providing excellent service, completing jobs on time & on budget, and giving a pool design experience that is top notch quality. Get ready to enjoy a drink by your new pool this summer!

The pool design process is simple. After you shoot us a call, one of our trained representatives will set a time for a pool contractor to come out to your property to assess the area you would like to have a pool installed. We will ask you a set of questions to find out what you're thinking for your new pool installation.

We will show you different finish options for your new pool and help to give you design ideas for your pool deck or stones that will match well to create a perfect design. Our team will then go to work creating an optimal layout.

We make pool resurfacing a breeze! Already have a great backyard area but the diamond brite on your pool has just lost its touch? Give us a call to learn about our pool resurfacing options and how we can save you money!

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What do clients say about our pool installation services?

"By far the best pool design company I have ever worked with. They were very attentive to details and made sure to get everything perfect. Our new pool looks great! "

— Kyle W.

"The new pool installation is awesome! We love the way they laid out the pool deck and the spa was an awesome addition. "

— Jeremy P.

"We need a pool repair with some new tiles in the bottom of the pool. Phoenix Pool Builders came out drained the pool and did an awesome job tiling our swimming pool."

— Eric R.
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